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The Essence of the Subject

" Hi Mo I was so taken with your amazing art that I had to buy a couple of the paintings. I can see movement and the essence of the subject in them which I find delightful. I love to see them on my wall, they give me such pleasure. What a superb artist you are.

Many thanks

Maggie "


" Just wanted to let you know how excited I was to receive my paintings from you. I have found just the right place for them, in which I can admire them every day. What a talented artist you are. Regards, Jean "

Beautiful Poppies

" Thank you so much for the beautiful poppies Mo They are perfect in my room Your work is amazing and I can’t wait to buy more for my hallway.

Good luck with it


It’s Superb

" The work I have in my house causes comment from everyone who comes in I am very fussy when it comes to furnishing my house so it has to be good to be there. The colours and subjects are perfect and never cease to give me pleasure when I look at them I love your work Mo it’s superb. You ought to be earning millions.

Anton de Meyer "


" I so love your work Mo it is amazing, as you are! Hope you can really get it out there I'm sure many people will get as much pleasure from it as I do! Keep going hon You will get there!

Miranda "

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